HyperZoomHD today announced they have released a super-premium smartphone telephoto lens that brings professional image quality to today’s smartphone cameras.

Images produced by HyperZoomHD have been tested and found to equal or exceed the photos produced by such top makers as Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, Canon and Sony. We're extremely proud to have manufactured such a high-quality product at such a modest price point, thanks to computer design and advanced CCD fabrication.

We’ve all experienced moments where what you see is far more epic than what you can capture with your smartphone camera. Most of the time you try and try, hoping for that lucky photo but all you get are blurry shaky images. With HyperZoomHD, you will be able to zoom in 18x and focus on what your smartphone can’t. With its included stabilizing tripod, you will get the perfect picture every time!

ZOOM In & Get Focused...

HyperZoomHD lens are Ultra Multi Coated™ to enhance contrast in all light conditions allowing for great photos in any environment.


HyperZoomHD easily mounts to any smartphone - Apple, Android or virtually any other, by any manufacturer. You don’t need any special knowledge or technical ability. Simply clip on the lens, with our patented, high-tensile adjustable bracket and attach to its stabilizing tripod. It only takes seconds!

Christie from Dallas went to Africa last summer, and she had an epic trip. The best part about the whole trip was that she could cherish every moment, and relive all of it with the awesome pictures she could get with the HyperZoomHD.

“I never thought one simple attachment would make such a huge difference. It transformed my phone into a telephoto DSLR camera instantly, and it was easy to carry everywhere throughout my trip!”

Check out my image using the HyperZoomHD at at Nairobi National Park in Kenya:

The kit comes with THREE lenses; Fisheye — for artistic, gorgeous artistic panoramas, a Wide Angle — for effortless selfies and indoor shots, and a Macro lens — for stunningly sharp close-ups.

Almost SOLD OUT!

HyperZoomHD lens are being released in limited quantities. I’d advise you to grab yours before the super low introductory price is raised!

Focus Filter Lens

This premium telephoto lens are selling for a massive discount off their normal price! So make sure you hurry and grab yours now at the discounted price.

So if you want to make sure you're always prepared for taking the best photo, HyperZoomHD is a great start. It has our vote.

Focus Filter Lens

Focus Filter Lens

Customer Reviews


By MEREDITH on July 5, 2016

This smartphone telephoto lens is super neat! I attached it right away to my iPhone and off I went. I love how easy it is to quickly attach and detach – doesn’t damage my phone in any way and feel super secure on my phone.

Great for portability, taking your iPhone photos to the next level.

By Danny on June 29, 2016

The lens really does zoom and takes great photos and videos, I plan on using it A LOT. It’s so simple to install and uninstall and takes up barely any room. I couldn’t be happier with this incredible accessory.

Awesome product

By Michael P. on June 11, 2016

I was EXTREMELY excited when this arrived in the mail and it did not disappoint! The tripod this comes with a tripod to help with stabilization. Felt like a professional photographer and I’ve got the photos to prove it!

Quality seems very good

By Cheryl on May 16, 2016

This is a lens to increase the usability of your phone as a camera, in two ways, either to increase the width of what can be included in the picture (the wide angle lens) or to take sharp close-up photos (the macro lens). I bought this for a gift and I received this product discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. The lenses seem well made, from an external point of view. They are relatively heavy, which I think is a good thing regarding the quality. The screwing mechanisms seem positive and precise. In addition to the lenses and the essential clip to attach the lens(es) to the phone or device, there are several accessories to make it all more useful: a soft, sturdy leather drawstring case, an I-Phone case with a special adapter that screws onto it, perhaps to keep excess light out, lens caps for the large front (wide angle) lens and the smaller back (macro) lens, and a short users guide. There is also included an email address for more information. NOTE: The way the lenses are used is that both lenses remain screwed together to use as a wide-angle lens. To use as a macro lens, remove the larger lens.

Cheap alternative to taking better photos on your phone.

By Shirley on May 14, 2016

This is great. Goes on easily and has great zoom and clarity when focusing. Very impressed with the quality of this product and the images it produces.

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